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Unique Educational Features

All Explore Public Schools students will have over 2000 college prep learning options to choose from
College Students

College Focus

College preparatory focus

Chemistry Class

Academic Growth

Proven track record for exceptional student academic growth

Modern Education Center

High Performing

High-performing model with strong academic outcomes for all students

Students Building Windmill

Mastery-based instruction balanced with a strong academic support system

Technology Class

All courses offered in a small-group, seminar format

In Classroom

All seminars are offered in multiple ways, the Explore Academy “flavors”

Student Support

Teacher Assisting a Student

Tutoring for all Students

Academic support and tutoring throughout the day

Happy Student

High Academic Standards

At Explore Public Schools, students are held to a higher level of expectation.  Every seminar culminates with an exit exam, on which students must demonstrate proficiency/ mastery on every standard within the given seminar.  This ensures that students have the appropriate foundation before advancing to higher levels within

each skill track.

Family with Tablet

Family Engagement

Many opportunities for family involvement

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